San Kong Noodle Factory

Founded in 1989 by Mr. Yat Hung Lau. San Kong Noodle Factory is the first Chinese noodle factory in the Netherlands and has traditionally been producing various noodles and dim sum wrappers for over 30 years. San Kong Noodle Factory started as an independent family business and the vision for quality has remained unchanged because of our knowledge. Over the years we have managed to built a brand that stands for the highest quality. The components that make up the success formula for San Kong is decades of in-house experience of an age-old craft and regular trips to Asia for knowledge expansions to the best interest of our partners.


33 years partner and supplier in food

With its growth as a wholesale supplier and partner of Asian restaurants, the secret to the success of San Kong noodles and dimsum wrappers has remained unchanged: a combination of traditional knowledge of noodles and dimsum wrappers with the most modern production techniques to ensure the authentic taste. The brand San Kong stands for: quality, certainty, authentic taste and trust.


Tailored specialty knowledge

San Kong's product portfolio includes the favorite traditional flavors and is also continuously expanded with products that are specially tailored for the customer. In the fast-paced and trend-sensitive international markets, innovation is indispensable. As a collaborative partner of Asian catering and specialty stores throughout Europe, we jointly develop the right product for their target group.


Conscious, healthy, responsible and authentic

These are the parts that consumers are looking for today. At San Kong Noodle Factory, these parts are a top priority in both the development of new products and maintaining the quality of current products. All products are produced according to the international standard as well as to the EU directives. In addition, we keep our products pure and authentic by not adding any colours, fragrances or flavourings.


At your service,

The Lau family